Monday, March 12, 2007


Well, I'm finally adjusted to the time (I think). Last night Trina and I went to Night Bazaar and got a 2 hour massage for $18. Was wonderful!!! :) We definitely slept very well last night! :) This morning we took the kids to the pool. On the way we stopped at the open air market and got some sticky rice and pork kabobs for lunch. They were yummy! I saw some fried bugs they were selling. Disgusting!!! The pool was a little cold, but we soon got use to it. Unfortunately the sun hasn't appeared yet! Trina said they're burning fields so it is very hazy! Definitely nice and warm though! We're sleeping with the air con at night! When the kids get up we're going to the mall. It'll be interesting to see a Thai mall! :) In the morning we're planning to go to the elephant camp. Hopefully I can ride one! :) Tomorrow afternoon starts Trina's 24 hours off. We're going to a resort for the nite. Should be fun! I think we'll check out the Night Bazaar again and actually do some shopping this time! :) Okay...I'll post more another day! Enjoy winter! :) LOL!

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