Thursday, March 15, 2007


i almost died today!! well, actually i was very safe but felt like i was going to die!!! trina asked me if i wanted to bungee jump with her (no one else was crazy enough to) so i said ok. we went today and it was the scariest thing EVER!!!!!!! she was laughing as we're falling and i was screaming! we jumped in tandem and i had a death grip on her! needless to say, i will not do that again! after that we went off roading in some dune buggy thing. that was fun, a little scary, but fun! i think i may have lost some of my sense of it because i'm getting older?
we had a nice time on trina's 24 hours off. we left yesterday afternoon, checked in at the resort and then went to for mexican food (not very authentic, but mexican none the less). afterwards we went to night bazaar and then got massages again! :) it was SO nice not to have kids screaming around you all the time and actually sleeping until 9:30 am, not 6 am!
yesterday morning we took the kids to the elephant camp and monkey school. it was pretty cool. the elephants did a show for us and then we went for a ride. took some fun pics!
well, i better sign off for now. can't believe my time here in thailand is almost done! wow, it went fast!!! i'll post more pics later.


debby said...

I'm speechless! You bungie-jumped?!?!?!?!?!?!? WOW!

Murf said...

Crazy girls. LOL I would absolutely die of fright!!!!!!!!!!

I am adventurous enough to envy you like crazy though, being over there in Thailand. How I would love to be able to travel like that! I have always dreamed of traveling to other countries. Unfortunately, Mike is a die-hard, USA couch potato. LOL