Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Walk....

Well folks, the walk is done!! I started out my day yesterday by getting up at 3 am. I met up at my friend Laura's house and her friend Billie took us to Tarrytown. There we met up with another walker, Kathy, and her sister drove us down to Pier 84 in NYC. The walk started around 7 am and was a little slow getting started. Our group decided to stay on the fringe of the crowd so we wouldn't get stuck on the pier. It turned out to be a great idea! We crossed the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and George Washington Bridge. Got to see lots of cool sights and fun people. The cheering stations were the best!! They definitely helped pick up your spirits!! I finished the 26.2 miles around 5pm (had multiple breaks and lunch in between). Thankfully there were "tent angels" at the Wellness Village that set up our tents for us. I could barely move. I was able to get in line for the showers rather quickly, eat some dinner and hit the sack. I was in my sleeping bag by 6:30 pm but couldn't get to sleep because of all the noise and the pain of the hard ground against my aching body. I had earplugs in, but could hear everything like it was in my own tent!!! I think lights out was around 10 pm, then I got to toss and I remember why I don't go camping!!! Ouch!!! Then around 5:30 this morning, people thought it was time to get up and make noise! When I finally drug myself out of my tent around 7:30 I could barely move and some of my team mates had already left. My friend Laura offered to come pick me up in Jersey (she had went home for the night....has a bad back and knew she couldn't stand the camping out part). I couldn't get a hold of Chris so I took her up on it. It felt so good to get home and take a shower in a "real" shower and take a nap in my comfy bed!!! Some of my team mates went on to complete the additional 13.1 mile today and to them I say congrats and make sure to take your Advil tonight!! I can't wait for my massage tomorrow...and hopefully my blisters heal quickly! At least it was all for a good cause! Next time I'm doing a smaller walk....thinking maybe the Susan G. Komen 5k walk....can definitely handle that!!

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer NYC 2007

Westchester Walkers

L-R: Marla, Laura, Liz, Kathy, Karen, Jenn, Nancy

Here we are on Pier 84 ready to get this walk started!!!

Ready to cross the Manhattan Bridge

We crossed three bridges....this was the first...

The Brooklyn Bridge

This was the second bridge we was pretty cool!!

Crossing the George Washington Bridge

This was the last bridge we crossed. It was really cool to look at the views!!

Here's a look at the tents set up.

Some of us stayed at the Wellness Village and slept in these 2 man tents. Wow!!! The ground seemed extra hard with all those aching muscles and blisters!!