Friday, March 30, 2007


What are the odds? I had a trip to the ER today. I had the brilliant idea to try NutriSystem to help me lose weight. I figured it was a fool proof plan....the meals were all there, I just had to pick which one I wanted for that specific meal. No thinking of healthy foods to eat, just focusing on my school work. (Only 38 days until the final, by the way!!!!) Today was my second day eating their stuff. I ate their chicken salad on melba toast today for lunch. Approximately 1/2 hr later I noticed my scalp was extremely itchy. Then I happened to look down at my arms and saw big welts forming. Then I looked in my rearview mirror and saw my neck was covered in hives and my face was starting to itch and turn red as well. I quickly stopped by Stop & Shop and picked up some Benedryl (the kind you put on your tongue to dissolve....I figured the quicker it gets in my system the better). I quickly called my doctor/boss and he told me to take 2 and call him if it wasn't better in 10 minutes. I continued to drive home and by then my tongue was starting to swell and my chest was feeling tight. The itching was getting progressively worse and my face was all red & puffy. So, I took a detour to Putnam Community Hospital ER. After 2 1/2 hrs in the ER, 500 mL of saline, 50 mg of Zantac, 125 mg of Solumedrol and a nebulizer treatment of Albuterol & Atrovent I was released. Thank God for the TV in the room - it helped pass the time! The whole episode was definitely scary! (Side note: my dad has been rushed to the ER on several occasions for anaphlyaxic reactions and I don't want that to be handed down to me via his wonderful genes!) As soon as I got home I called NutriSystem and cancelled my account and got the okay for a refund (after I send it all back). I'm sure the shipping isn't gonna be cheap....imagine....a huge box filled with 5 weeks worth of food! Oh least I'm not trached and on a vent somewhere!! :) Oh....and I'm STARVING!!!! Thankfully I have lots of fruits and veggies to eat!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

More Pics

More Thailand Pics! :)

pics from thailand

Here are some pics from my trip to Thailand. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


i almost died today!! well, actually i was very safe but felt like i was going to die!!! trina asked me if i wanted to bungee jump with her (no one else was crazy enough to) so i said ok. we went today and it was the scariest thing EVER!!!!!!! she was laughing as we're falling and i was screaming! we jumped in tandem and i had a death grip on her! needless to say, i will not do that again! after that we went off roading in some dune buggy thing. that was fun, a little scary, but fun! i think i may have lost some of my sense of it because i'm getting older?
we had a nice time on trina's 24 hours off. we left yesterday afternoon, checked in at the resort and then went to for mexican food (not very authentic, but mexican none the less). afterwards we went to night bazaar and then got massages again! :) it was SO nice not to have kids screaming around you all the time and actually sleeping until 9:30 am, not 6 am!
yesterday morning we took the kids to the elephant camp and monkey school. it was pretty cool. the elephants did a show for us and then we went for a ride. took some fun pics!
well, i better sign off for now. can't believe my time here in thailand is almost done! wow, it went fast!!! i'll post more pics later.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Well, I'm finally adjusted to the time (I think). Last night Trina and I went to Night Bazaar and got a 2 hour massage for $18. Was wonderful!!! :) We definitely slept very well last night! :) This morning we took the kids to the pool. On the way we stopped at the open air market and got some sticky rice and pork kabobs for lunch. They were yummy! I saw some fried bugs they were selling. Disgusting!!! The pool was a little cold, but we soon got use to it. Unfortunately the sun hasn't appeared yet! Trina said they're burning fields so it is very hazy! Definitely nice and warm though! We're sleeping with the air con at night! When the kids get up we're going to the mall. It'll be interesting to see a Thai mall! :) In the morning we're planning to go to the elephant camp. Hopefully I can ride one! :) Tomorrow afternoon starts Trina's 24 hours off. We're going to a resort for the nite. Should be fun! I think we'll check out the Night Bazaar again and actually do some shopping this time! :) Okay...I'll post more another day! Enjoy winter! :) LOL!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


made it safely thank God!!! i sit here typing one handed with a sleeping preemie who has cleft lip & palate. he also seems to have some reflux issues, poor little guy! he's only 2.8 kg & can't have the lip repaired until he's at least 5 kg & his palate after 1 yr. it sounds like the "gang's" dutch blitz is winding to a close.....means i can hit the sack soon! :) ttyl!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


I HAD to take a break from studying!!! My poor hand was cramping and my neck and shoulders hurt so much from the intensity of studying for my midterm. There is light at the end of the tunnel....only 73 days until graduation, 64 days until finals and 5 days until I leave for Thailand to see my sis & her kids!!! I can't wait! :) Thank God for spring break!!! :)
Back to the studying.......