Friday, December 29, 2006

Australia At Last!!

Wow! What a trip!!! It started off on the wrong foot with Chris throwing his back out minutes before we had to leave for the airport. After madly scrambling through the phone book to find a chiropractor (ours was out of town) we finally found one and got him in. Thankfully we made it to the airport in time. We had a 7 hour layover in San Francisco so did some sightseeing. Then began our 14 hour flight to Sydney. Boy, were our legs swollen & sore. Gotta remember to walk around more on the flight home!!! We made it to Sydney without problems & then after a little confusion got on our flight to Cairns! But, unfortunately, they lost my suitcase with all of my clothes!!! So, got to buy a new outfit! :) We're comfortably settled in our hotel now. Chris is getting a massage & will go to the chiropractor today. Hopefully it'll all be better by then!!

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