Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Australian Sunshine & Back Pain

Hi all!
This trip is DEFINITELY NOT going to plans for poor Chris. He is still in so much pain with his back. He's been to a several different chiropractors and massage therapists to no avail. He finally went to the 24 hour urgent care center and the doc gave him Australian equivalent of Ultram. Unfortunately that doesn't cut the pain either. He was able to fish yesterday though. (I went along in case he hurt himself worse). He caught 4 wahoo & a mahi mahi. I caught a wahoo, but spent most of my time feeling sea sick on the "couch."
Our first full day here I found out the hard way that the Australian sun is VICIOUS!!! I had my tanning/suncreen stuff I sprayed on a few times. I was out in the sun for about 2 hours and got such a BAD sunburn. The next morning my right eye was almost completely swollen shut!! I'm finally starting to peel, so now I look like a different monster....not just all swollen & RED, but peeling and red! I've been putting aloe on diligently....hopefully I'll be better before the trip to the US. I can't stand to sit in one place that long in this condition!
All in all, Australia is beautiful & the people are really friendly. (They think WE have the accent! he he he!!) Right now we are in Brisbane and it is raining. Chris is out on the boat. I stayed at the hotel and will go to the mall soon. Tomorrow I want to go to this Koala Zoo while Chris is on the boat. Looks pretty cool.
Hope everyone is having a great New Year!!!


Patrina Martin said...

Hey there girl! The sun over here on this side of the world is definitely different! Sounds worse than our burns when we lived in Liberty!! Member them??? :) Anywho, hope the rest of your trip is great and Chris' back pain lets up SOON!!! Can't wait till March!!! Love ya~ Trina

debby said...

I hope the rest of the trip worked out well.

See you back in NY.