Friday, July 06, 2007

OBX Fishing Trips

This trip to the Outer Banks I decided I wanted to go fishing too!! The guys let me catch the first fish (the biggest one in the pic below). Chris was second and caught the "baby" below! (He ended up with the biggest yellowfin, weighing in at 67 lbs, just 3 lbs shy of a citation). Here we are (Angelo, myself, Chris & Dad) with our yellowfin catch!!! What a day!!!
Here are Chris, Angelo & Dad with their July 4th catch.


debby said...

When's dinner?

Patrina Martin said...

yay, more fish! should eat more fish over here, just don't wanna have to take care of it all and don't have a clue what kinds they have or what's good! Oh well, guess it'll have to wait till I come back home and then I can have Mom fix it for me!! Glad you had a good time! Love ya~