Monday, April 16, 2007

Easter Pics

Easter Sunday Chris and I went to our church's Sonrise Service at 7:30 am. We grabbed a quick breakfast in the gym and then headed over to Pennsylvania. We made good time and I was able to help mom get food around. After lunch, I hid eggs for the boys to find. Mom had put change in them. Vincent had a lot of fun finding them and Colson enjoyed putting them in his mouth! :) Then some of us watched the Veggie Tales Easter DVD. I say some of us, because several of the others were napping! Matt & Miriam (my cousin) came over with their family in the early evening for supper. It was good to see everyone again!
Vincent in his Easter basket!
Colson in his Easter basket!

Colson is almost walking and loved to

push this toy around. Of course Vincent

wanted it too when he saw how much

attention Colson was getting!!!

Vincent peeking through the stair railing.

Here are the boys going through

their eggs to get the change G'ma

put in them.

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Patrina Martin said...

aww, i do have the cutest nephews in the world!!! thanks for posting!!