Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cabin 2006

My family rented a "cabin" in Wellsboro, PA for the weekend. We missed my sister, Trina, tremendously! It was fun hanging out and playing with my nephews. Actually only really played with my nephew Vincent 'cause Colson only wanted to sleep & eat. Imagine that!! :)


Ken & Kathleen said...

it was a nice retreat,even cool country (mountain) air to breath. we are looking forward to next year! good food,good fun,and good rest! we realy did miss Trina!

Linn & Jenny Kropf said...

Looks like lots of fun...we have the same Barney toy as Vincent. My family all went on vacation without us so I know how Trina feels.

Patrina Martin said...

Man I miss you guys! I do believe I have the 2 most adorable nephews in the whole world tho!! Next year, here I come! Better watch out, you may not know what hit ya!