Monday, August 28, 2006

Blood, Sweat & Poison Ivy

Some things I hate:
1. Sweating like you just worked out for hours when in reality you just started pulling weeds.
2. Pulling weeds at dusk with bugs biting you wherever there is skin. It is NOT cool to have bug bites on your forehead!!!
3. Chopping through wild rose brambles and other various wild stuff with prickers. My poor arms look like I was in a cat fight.
4. Applying lotion that is suppose to "repel" poison ivy oils prior to pulling weeds. Immediately after weeding, disrobing, jumping in the shower and scrubbing with a wash that is suppose to remove all poison ivy oils. Only to have the "lovely" poison ivy rash appear on my arms, etc.
5. Now that I have the poison ivy rash going....taking the "wonderful" Prednisone to help shorten the life span. Now poor Chris gets to put up with my mood swings & increased hunger....both dreaded side effects of Predinsone.
6. Working your butt off pulling so many black trash bags full of weeds to only make a dent in the jungle of vines, dandelions and a multitude of weeds I don't know names for. I've literally pulled at least 14 big, black trash bags full so far. I still have at least 6 more to go. Oh YAY!!
7. A week left of "freedom" and it has to be filled with pulling weeds, reading my two big textbooks for nursing as well as making medication cards, and memorizing the serum lab values for about 10 different lab tests. Where did the summer go!?!?!

Oh....I really do LOVE gardening!!!! Maybe someone can remind me why as I sit with heating packs on my back and shoulders/neck! :)

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debby said...

Boo for poison ivy!

If it becomes necessary, I'll lend you the sign from my yard. It reads "Landscaping by God". At least I think the sign is still there under all the brush and weeds.