Friday, July 28, 2006

Family Get Together

My mom's brother James & his wife Bette from OR came to PA & stopped in at my parents' place for a visit. Great time for a family get together! Jaren, Jarrell & Shaila enjoyed having Jeremy read to them. The little yellow chair was consistently being fought over by the younger three (Janae, Anisha & Vincent). Colson was content to lay on the couch and observe ! And Vincent (along with the rest of the kids) enjoyed going up and down the stairs! Wish I had their energy!!!!! :)


Patrina Martin said...

Looks like a blast! Bummer I had to miss it! Thanks for posting pics, can't believe how the kiddos are growing! They'll hardly be considered children till I get home!!!!

Patrina Martin said...

Hey, do you think that pic of Colson looks like Jer? Kinda thot I saw a resemblence. n-e-way, ttyl-