Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Spring is finally here!! As you can tell from the photos I need to clean up my flower beds....but don't want to waste precious study time. It'll have to wait a few more weeks until the semester is over.


Ken & Kathleen said...

Hey, check out and tell me what you think!

Linn & Jenny Kropf said...

I've been trying unsuccessfully to leave you a comment, but we'll try again! That's great about your internship...hope it goes well. Did you realize how beautifuly your polka dot background compliments your daffodills? Have a great week!


Dorothy said...

Marla, Love your flowers. Here is Manitoba we certainly do not have them yet!! Take Care
Love Mom Dorothy

Karena Kropf said...

Hi Marla
I love this blog stuff, what a great way to keep in touch. Your flowers are so nice and what a cute nephew. Hope all is well.