Monday, April 24, 2006

Easter Sunday

My sis, Trina, got commissioned to go to Thailand. She left April 18th. She is going to be away for around 2 years. She'll be a nanny for orphaned kids.


Ken & Kathleen said...

2 years is a long time to be away, but God will see each of us thru it. Jeremy is in Indoneisia for 2 weeks as well, so the empty nest thing is feeling more real all the time!

Myron and Barbara Mast said...

Wow! thats amazing...what a heart for ministry.


Patrina Martin said...

Hey, did I say you could put me on your page? :) Hadn't visited your site for a while and was surprised to see me on there! Just got done changing Don's diaper and feeding him. He does love to eat!! Well I'm trying to post pics on my site. Did it 3 times already and happened to erase them somehow!! How frustrating! Well maybe the 4th time will work better! TTYL- Trina