Saturday, January 19, 2008

Of hair and braids....

This is my hair before Punta Cana.

This is my hair while in Punta Cana. (So nice!!)

This is my hair back in NY after 1.5 hrs of braid removal.

Now my hair is back to this!

Would definitely recommend nice not worrying about hair...hurt the first night but was fine after that. Occasional itching was the main side effect. Did feel good to wash it though!! :)


debby said...

Welcome home! I wish I had seen the braids ;-)

We have much catching up to do!

Patrina Martin said...

Reminds me of my hair when I got it braided and took it out! I had it in about a week and it was getting so greasy even tho I tried to wash it that it was driving me nuts, so had to take it out! It was kinda fun to not have to worry about coming my hair everyday tho!! :) Looks like you had a good time! Glad you made it home safely! ttyl~