Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cookie Baking '06

I drove over to Pennsylvania to bake cookies with my mom & sister-in-law. This was our 2nd annual cookie baking day. It was fun! We definitely missed my sister, Trina, who is in Thailand. My little nephew, Vincent, wasn't feeling very good that day! :( And, my other nephew, Colson, slept most of the day! (I was a little jealous!!!) We ended up with over 800 cookies...didn't quite make the 1,000 mark like we did last year. Bubba - we need u here!! Needless to say, it was a LONG day!! And on the way over I was almost in a head on collision with this old man who decided it was ok to drive the wrong way on an exit ramp into oncoming traffic on a highway!!! Definitely don't like those kinds of adreneline rushes!!! Enjoy the pics!

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Patrina Martin said...

Man I missed baking cookies with you guys this year!!! Just won't be the same baking them here. Oh well, and probably won't be doing no 800 either! Kinda hard with a bunch of kids running around and needing attention. Glad you had fun and got to hang out with my extra special adorable nephews!! Miss you! Trina