Sunday, June 25, 2006

Father's Day/Pop's 50th Birthday Celebration

We went over to pennsylvania to celebrate Father's Day and my dad's 50th birthday. We surprised him with a scrapbook of memories for his birthday. He loved it! It was also great to see my nephews Vincent & Colson!!


Patrina Martin said...

Hey there! Those little boys are soooo cute. I think maybe they should take a nice long trip to Thailand and visit their Aunt Trina! Good idea, eh? Thanks for putting pics on! Makes me a little homesick! Love ya girl! Trina

Murf said...

Nice pictures. Your dad looks as young as ever. :) Hey, you need to get after them and Trina to update again. It's been ages!

Murf said...

OOPS! sorry Trina, just popped in on yours and saw you did update! :)